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Video Production

Flame Productions has been in business in the Southwest Florida area for over 25 years providing quality video production locally and nationally. Through the times we have adapted to the many different changes in the world of television and other media to provide the most current techniques and services. With the popularization of the Internet the company ventured into the new world of online marketing though internet development, and picked up the Internet suffix.

Today Flame Productions/Internet provides services for all media, in one location, to streamline the advertising process. Flame Productions/Internet's video production facility covers all facets of video production from local commercials, video presentations, instructional videos, independent movie production, infomercials to the production of online specific video presentations. We are one of the few local production facilities that offers a wide variety of duplication capabilities as well.


We offer digital recording in Standard and High Definition formats. We offer true 1080 and 720p HD filming using our JVC HD-100U and Sony EX-1 cameras. We have the option to film in either 30 frames per second, or for a more film-like effect 24 frames per second. We can edit any of your HD content with one of our 3 macintosh editing systems running the lastest versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, AfterFX and more.

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Post Production

The best footage in the world is useless unless it is edited together with precision and thought. Using an Apple MacPro with the latest versions of leading software, we are able to edit multi-camera shoots with ease, as well as deliver high quality, dazzling special effects. We also have the ability to edit on-location with one of our portable Macintosh editing systems.


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Animation is a useful way of attracting attention to the most important of your content in either television commercials or websites. Even the most simple animation adds to your project. Using a combination of Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max and Maya , Macromedia Flash , and Adobe’s AfterFX we can create any of the 2d or 3d animations that would spice up your company’s T.V. spot or website.

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Closed Captioning

Any television broadcast over 5 minutes must, by law, be accompanied by Closed Captioning text for the hearing impaired. Legality aside, with the high percentage of retirees in the Southwest Florida market, closed captioning ensures that all of your potential clientele will be able to access the information spoken on your commercial. Closed Captioning is also a good idea for commercials aimed at clientelle possibly watching televisions with no audio such as bar patrons and guests in waiting rooms.

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Tall and Short order duplication of the following formats: Betacam SP, 3/4 Inch Casette, VCD DVD, VHS, MiniDV. The prices for duplications range depending on content size and the number of copies you desire. We are very competitive with our duplications, so if you receive a quote, let us try to match or beat it.
If you do not see the format you need duplicated or transferred, all you need to do is bring in a suitable playing device for the format and we can take care of the rest.

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News Clipping

If you our your company appears on a local news broadcast, it is wise to obtain a clip of the footage. Useful if you want to record your achievements, use your media coverage as a promotional tool, or if you feel you had an unfair story done about you. If your company is often featured on the news, it may be in your best interest to obtain a monthly clipping contract which reduces the cost of each of the stories you are interseted in.


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Flame Productions/Internet is your one stop shop for all your media needs. Our video production company is one of the oldest independent production facilities in the Southwest Florida area, and that is no mistake.