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Video Production: Demo Reel

Watch below to see our streaming demo reel.

Expertise, experience and talent are simply words. Words that are often over/mis-used when it comes to marketing a company. We have put together a production reel that shows off the kind of work we do. Please understand, unlike other companies we have not put together clips from all of our big budget productions. We have compiled RECENT commercials/presentations with a variety of production budgets. We have also avoided creating items specifically for our demo reel. We feel our time is better spent perfecting each of our jobs so they may speak for themselves.

We do have other examples which are available upon request. Check back with us regularly as we will be updating our demo reel often.

Download a high quality version of our Demo Reel...

Right Click (Windows) or Option Click (Mac) the link below to download our Demo Reel (updated 5/06). The file requires Windows Media Player (Windows) or Flip4Mac (Macintosh) to play.

Download a High Resolution Version of Flame Productions / Internet 's Demo Reel

Windows Media 640 x 480 Flame Productions Demo Reel

Quicktime Media 640 x 480 Flame Productions Demo Reel